Drop-On-Bar Slider Brackets

  • Drop-On-Bar Slider Brackets

    Orbit’s BARB Series allow for an efficient installation of boxes on bar hangers for between stud applications. Brackets attach to 4” or 4-11/16” square boxes, creating assemblies which can drop onto Orbit’s Adjustable Bar Hangers and then be repositioned. Up to 4 assemblies fit between 24” studs. BARB-CS features pin holes for cable support. UL-Listed. Patent Pending.

Other Products by Orbit Industries Inc.

  • Roof Coupling Plates

    Roof Coupling Plates

    Orbit Industries' Roof Coupling Plates (RCP) combine a roof flashing plate with a conduit coupling. Available for all standard trade sizes, from 1/2" up to 2". With these plates, contractors can now route conduit under roof lines to service rooftop equipment, such as HVAC units, signage and lighting. ETL Listed. In stock, ready to ship.

  • New Exclusive Flat Bracket Family

    New Exclusive Flat Bracket Family

    Orbit’s Flat Bracket Family features a variety of different models for between stud and kick applications. Each bracket fits 4”, 4-11/16” and even 5” square boxes! Mounting holes allow 4” rings to be mounted on all size boxes as well as on their own for low voltage applications. UL-Listed. In stock and ready to ship.

  • NEW Solution For Easily Mounting Extra Deep 4" Boxes

    NEW Solution For Easily Mounting Extra Deep 4" Boxes

    Orbit's Exclusive UMAB is a 4" Square, 3-1/2" Deep Box designed to ease the installation of Extra Deep 4" Boxes. UMAB's built-in adapter plate allows for mounting directly-to-stud or on Orbit's SSB for between stud and ceiling applications. Adjustable from flush to 1-1/2". Available in red for fire alarm applications.

  • Orbit Industries Introduces First Snap-In Stud Bracket System!

    Orbit Industries Introduces First Snap-In Stud Bracket System!

    Orbit’s new SSB-4S is a preassembled stud bracket system with snap-in adapter designed to easily mount boxes and rings between studs. The bracket consists of Orbit’s Simple Support Bracket, Universal Mounting Adapter and a 4” square box. Adjustable from 16” to 24” the bracket maintains rigidity when extended. UL Listed. Patent Pending.