IPEX Products

IPEX Products
IPEX companies offer a comprehensive range of thermoplastic materials, products and accessories for a wide spectrum of demanding markets and applications. From systems that convey water, chemicals and gases, to conduit that carries power and data cabling. In resin materials from PVC and ABS to PVDF and PE. From solvent cements and cutting tools to electrofusion systems. No matter the product or application, every IPEX system comes with the integrated system advantage. What this means is that customers can be confident everything they need for their particular application is backed by the same company, instead of buying a piping system with components from different manufacturers.

Other Products by IPEX USA LLC

  • Hinged Cover Scepter JBox

    Hinged Cover Scepter JBox

    The Hinged Cover Scepter JBox opens more than 200° for complete and easy access to devices and instruments.NEMA 3R and 4X rated, it ideally suited for indoor and outdoor industrial, MRO and OEM applications and in wash-down environments. 100% non-metallic, it includes all the features that users have come to appreciate in the Scepter JBox.

  • Scepter® JBox™ Pole Mount Kit

    Scepter® JBox™ Pole Mount Kit

    Save time installing a junction box onto utility power poles! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the universal Pole Mount Kit consists of galvanized steel brackets and stainless steel straps and is designed to work with wooden, concrete, steel and fibreglass poles of round, square and octagonal shape up to 15" in diameter.

  • Scepter JBox…the easiest junction box you’ll ever use!

    Scepter JBox…the easiest junction box you’ll ever use!

    We’ve completely redesigned the original junction box making the NEW Scepter JBox the easiest box to use – no matter the situation.  The Scepter JBox features an integral gasket, non-metallic fasteners, molded mounting feet, embossed grid-lines and flat cover...all designed to save contractors time and money on the jobsite.

  • SceptaCon’s New Joint Design

    SceptaCon’s New Joint Design

    The re-engineered SceptaCon Trenchless Raceway joint contains internal features which gradually stop the spigot during insertion to prevent bottoming out within the bell, avoiding the possibility of over insertion.

    SceptaCon is a proven splinelocking system designed for horizontal direction drilling. Approved for a 65’ bend radius – SceptaCon can bend around obstacles like rocks and other utilities.