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  • Advanced Micro Controls Inc
    SMD Series Integrated Motion - Delivering a Complete Solution
    SMD Series Integrated Motion - Delivering a Complete Solution

    AMCI’s SMD (stepper+motor+drive) product family includes DLR for EtherNet/IP, SynchroStep™ technology, IP67 rated versions, integrated encoder, gearboxes, NEMA size 23 & 24 size packages, and compatible cord sets.

  • Advanced Micro Controls Inc
    SMD Series Integrated Stepper Control
    SMD Series Integrated Stepper Control

    AMCI's SMD Series incorporates a NEMA frame size 23 or size 24 Stepper Motor + Microstepping Drive + Controller into a single product that interfaces to your PLC or PAC over EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Profibus DP.


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Data Acquisition Module for ControlLogix™

PLC-based Resolver Feedback over the Network

Resolver Option Module for PowerFlex® 750-Series Drives

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3-in-1 Motion Control Gets IP67 Rating

Integrated Stepper Indexer/Drive with Ethernet Interface

  • Motion Gets DLR Upgrade
    Motion Gets DLR Upgrade

    AMCI’s motion control solutions now support DLR (Device Level Ring), increasing reliability and providing real savings with fault tolerant network topology and an embedded Ethernet switch. Benefit from device-to-device cabling without the need for external switches. Compatible with all Allen-Bradley PLCs/PACs that support EtherNet/IP & DLR.


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  • Advanced Micro Controls Inc
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  • AMCI’s New Website Launches with Live Help

    Terryville, CT – Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI) is inviting visitors to access its new website, from anywhere. The new, mobile-friendly website design provides a clean, uncluttered experience with richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, simplifying the specification process.  Visitors can now access detailed product information & pricing, videos, and other resources easily on any device.

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