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New! Sensor Selection Tool

Quickly find the exact sensor you’re looking for with Lutron’s Sensor Selection Tool. Filter by application, sensing technology, and system functionality to find part numbers, installation guides, brochures and more. Whether you’re laying out a job at the office or you’re on a job site, you’ll be able to access the sensor tool from any device.

COUNTERTOP BOX KITS with round plastic box and metal covers

Arlington’s FLBT6520 series Countertop Box Kits have round plastic boxes and metal trapdoor covers that close flush – cover miscut openings – and allow users to position the cover parallel with the countertop.

Three options for installed UL Listed device:
-TWR decorator GFCI
-TR receptacle
-TR receptacle with two USB ports.

TR-12A Universal Voltage Detector

The dual blade design opens the safety shutters on tamper resistant receptacles when inserted into the outlet. This easy one handed operation detects the presence of AC voltage in 110v conventional or tamper resistant outlets. The TR-12A capabilities include detecting AC voltage in: 110v outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, and conductors.

Hubbell Introduces First Pop-Up Receptacle UL Listed for Countertops

Hubbell Pop-Up Receptacles for countertops provide a power source ideal for kitchen and bath counters and islands. Hubbell is the first to market a counter top receptacle that is UL Listed and water-resistant to half gallon spill. It allows compliance with NEC® 406.5(E) [countertops], 406.5(F) [work surfaces], and 406.5(H) [seating areas].

IDEAL Introduces a New Made In USA Red, White and Blue T®-STRIPPER


• Form-ground, knife-type blades for accurate, easy stripping without nicking conductor
• Laser-etched wire gauge for easy-to-read visibility
• Spring-loaded automatic opening
• Corrosion-resistant, black oxide finish
• Tough steel construction

Steel City® RPT6 Recessed Poke-Through Floor Box

Steel City® RPT6 recessed poke-through floor boxes, new from Thomas & Betts (T&B), provide maximized capacity for power and communications wiring in single-core drill locations at the second floor and above in commercial buildings.

The recessed service conceals devices below the floor level for 6-inch holes.