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Meet Building Codes and Standards with Lutron LED Fixture Solutions

Lower energy usage by automatically adjusting light output based on stairwell occupancy. When combined with wireless occupancy sensing, these LED fixtures can save up to 80%* of lighting energy usage.

View promotional offer on 2 ft.,
4 ft. stairwell LED fixtures and associated sensors: ends August 31, 2015

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8x10 steel TV Box™… Perfect For TV Installations in Commercial Settings

The flexible solution for flat screen TV installations in new or retrofit work.
Ideal for theater system installations in a commercial setting, it installs horizontally or vertically for proper positioning of low voltage connections behind the TV.

• Handles multiple connections: sound systems, satellite,
cable TV, and more

CRC Introduces Smart Meter Lube

CRC introduces Smart Meter Lube, a non-flammable lubricant and corrosion resistant grease that penetrates to coat contacts on smart meter mechanisms. It will not affect lineman's gloves, hot line or hand-held tools and is safe on most rubbers and plastics. It is temperature resistant so it will not harden, freeze, dry or melt.

Greenlee®'s New 854DX Shotgun™ Shoe: Bend Four. Save More

Greenlee’s new Shotgun™ Shoe for the 854DX can bend up to four pieces of conduit at the same time. The Shotgun™ Shoe allows for bending up to eight different conduit types, Rigid (½", ¾", 1"); IMC (½", ¾", 1); and EMT (¾", 1). Bending process is twice as efficient, increasing productivity.

Integration of Omni Controllers into BitWise Control Systems

This native integration allows BitWise customers to create custom interfaces for their OmniTouch 7 touchscreens, utilizing new free graphical elements via BitWise Project Editor software. Additionally, new functionality exists for BitWise intercom (Touchscreen to third party door station) as well as a free integration module for Leviton’s Omni-Bus Lighting Control Systems.

BURNDY® Expands the HYPLUG™ Product Line

BURNDY has a new 900 kcmil compressed/concentric, compact aluminum and 600 kcmil copper wire HYPLUG™ adaptors. These plug adaptors are UL Listed and CSA Certified and available in both the straight and offset styles. They feature a solid plug with the same diameter as the equivalent conductor to accommodate current carrying requirements.