New Product News


New NM cable connector holds cable(s) in separate openings

Arlington's NM cable connectors are the lowest cost  connectors on the market, with the fastest push in installation! New 1/2" NM942 holds 1 or 2 cables in separate openings. Smooth, easy cable insertion. Exceeds UL/CSA pullout tests.

BURNDY Announces the Introduction of Slotted Terminals

The terminals are UL Listed and CSA Certified. Connectors are made of high conductivity copper and electro-tin plated. These are offered in a wide conductor range (#10 Str to 4/0 kcmil). Slotted stud provides built in flexibility for the terminal to conform to various spacing requirements.

CRC Fire Block Foam

CRC introduces Fire Block Foam, a flame resistant, all-purpose foam sealant approved for service penetrations. It's self-extinguishing formula is tinted orange for easy visual inspection by building code officials and inspectors. Fire Block Foam blocks air infiltration, reducing flame spread into walls and ceilings. The foam saver nozzle keeps the product usable for up to 1 month.

Greenlee launches new Compact Field Office

Greenlee’s new Compact Field Office allows users to have real time information when they need it. With enough space to install a flat-screen monitor, computer system, and other electronic office equipment into one compact storage unit, contractors can use electronic prints instead of struggling with big, often out-of-date, paper prints.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Offers Educational Resources for Food Processing Environments

Hubbell now offers a complete set of informative tools and resources about Hubbell wiring devices and solutions that support the unique needs of the food processing industry. These tools include a 16 page Product Solution Guide, a virtual eTour, an online eLearning Module, an exclusive landing page and marketing poster.

Non-Conductive S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tapes

Designed for use around energized sources. The flexible fiberglass core provides superior strength, greater pushing power and smooth handling through multiple bends. The durable non-conductive eyelet offers added protection against arc-flash. Exceptional column strength, rapid tape pay-out and rewind, and a durable Tuff-Grip™ Pro case make this S-Class® Fish Tape Best in Class for non-conductive applications.