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Arlington Industries, Inc.
Arlington Industries, Inc.
1 Stauffer Industrial Park
Scranton, PA 18517

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Part #: FB444
FAN BOX 26.2 CU. IN.
Part #: DVFR2W
Part #: FLBC4560DBR
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Arlington Industries, Inc.


  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington Industries SNAP2It Connectors
    Arlington Industries SNAP2It Connectors

    Save time and money with our SNAP2IT fittings. They offer the fastest, easiest installation on liquid-tight conduit.

  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington's Grounding Electrode Connector
    Arlington's Grounding Electrode Connector

    Arlington's new Grounding Electrode Connector installs from inside or outside a metal panel or metal enclosure, through one of the existing 1/2" knockouts. GC50 provides excellent strain relief for grounding conductors. Listed for use with stranded and solid copper and aluminum wire.


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Gangable Floor Box with PLASTIC covers

New Non-Metallic Concrete Box Offers More!

Steel Countertop Box Kits...SECURE attachment, multiple receptacles

  • New Non-Metallic Concrete Box with More!
    New Non-Metallic Concrete Box with More!

    Made of heavy-duty plastic, Arlington's NEW FLBC4502 4.5" non-metallic concrete floor box has more! SIX conduit hubs, FOUR plugs - and THREE options for positioning the low voltage divider in the box.

    Arlington’s FLOOR BOXES, COVER KITS, and accessories for new concrete are the low cost, convenient way to install a receptacle flush with a new floor.

Press Releases

  • Arlington’s low-cost, zinc MC cable fittings save time and money!

    Arlington’s zinc MC cable fittings, for dry locations, are convenient and cost-effective. They come with easy-to-use end stop bushings that vary the size of the opening; so ONE trade size fits several cable sizes! They not only reduce Inventory, but Cost Much Less than steel or malleable iron fittings.

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