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Lutron Adds Wireless Smart Fixtures to Its Vive IoT Platform

Vive Integral Fixture Control – a wireless lighting control solution that can turn any fixture into a wireless, smart fixture – now makes the Vive Wireless lighting controls system even smarter and enhances the energy efficiency and flexibility of commercial spaces, government offices and educational facilities.

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Nail-on Flanged Vapor Box for Devices

Easy to install, Arlington’s nail-on, non-conductive Vapor Box has attached gaskets that prevent air infiltration.

Saves time! Nails ship captive; gasket material is pre-attached.

Plus, the built-in gasketed flange has ultra-thin alignment tabs so there’s NO DRYWALL BULGE.

Circuit-Lock Motor Disconnects Increase Safety with Jog Switch

Hubbell Circuit-Lock Motor Disconnects with Jog Switch offers an improvement to its top-performing enclosed disconnects. The jog-switch provides a momentary “test” and maintained “off” and “run” settings to briefly close the motor circuit and energize a motor for a short period of time providing users cost savings, convenience and added safety.

Simplifying Specification with Vive Wireless Lighting Control

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New! Sensor Selection Tool

Quickly find the exact sensor you’re looking for with Lutron’s Sensor Selection Tool. Filter by application, sensing technology, and system functionality to find part numbers, installation guides, brochures and more. Whether you’re laying out a job at the office or you’re on a job site, you’ll be able to access the sensor tool from any device.

Hubbell Introduces First Pop-Up Receptacle UL Listed for Countertops

Hubbell Pop-Up Receptacles for countertops provide a power source ideal for kitchen and bath counters and islands. Hubbell is the first to market a counter top receptacle that is UL Listed and water-resistant to half gallon spill. It allows compliance with NEC® 406.5(E) [countertops], 406.5(F) [work surfaces], and 406.5(H) [seating areas].