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Easy, push in installation from inside or OUTSIDE electrical box!

Listed for single or multiple cables, Arlington’s new White Button™ NM94X non-metallic cable connector offers smooth, easy insertion of one or two cables into a single opening from the INSIDE or outside of the box.

Hubbell’s 50A Twist-Lock® Insulgrip® Conduit Adapters Reduce Labor, Product Costs

Hubbell Wiring-Device Kellems is excited to announce a new solution for conduit-fed power applications: 50A Twist-Lock® Insulgrip® Conduit Adapters. These adapters can accept conduit directly through the back of the plug or connector through a conduit fitting. A box or face plate is not required, reducing material and labor costs.

Introducing SMART HOME Training

Take advantage of the Smart Home opportunity to grow your business with Lutron.

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Learn about:
• The smart home market and opportunity
• Caséta system and components
• RA2 Select system and components
• Integration

Lutron PRO Residential Program:
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New Non-Metallic Concrete Box Offers More!

Made of heavy-duty plastic, Arlington's NEW FLBC4502 4.5" non-metallic concrete floor box has more! – SIX conduit hubs and FOUR plugs. And THREE options for positioning the low voltage divider in the box.

The low cost, convenient way to install a receptacle flush with a new floor.

Hubbell SystemOne Fully Adjustable 4-Inch Floor Box from the Leader in Delivery Systems

Hubbell Wiring-Device Kellems is pleased to introduce the Hubbell SystemOne Fully Adjustable Recessed 4-Inch floor box. Hubbell has solved the challenge of varying floor thicknesses with the integral, patent pending, mounting cup which adjusts the device mounting depth to 3 inches.

Steel Countertop Box Kits...SECURE attachment, multiple receptacles

Arlington's steel Countertop Box Kits offer multiple options for installing a Listed receptacle in a countertop up to 1-1/2 inches thick. These steel boxes come with stainless steel or black trapdoor covers. Install them by simply tightening two screws to hold the spring steel clip secure against the underside of the countertop.