wiSCAPE® Selected to Join the DesignLights Consortium® Networked Lighting Controls Qualified Products List

Hubbell Control Solutions announced <a href="https://www.hubbell.com/hubbellcontrolsolutions/en/Products/Lighting-Controls/Lighting-Controls-Sensors/wiSCAPE-Lighting-Controls/wiSCAPE-Wireless-Outdoor-Lighting-Control-System/p/2135914">wiSCAPE®</a> has been added to the <a href="https://www.designlights.org/">DesignLights Consortium®</a> (“DLC”) <a href="https://www.designlights.org/lighting-controls/download-the-qpl/">Qualified Products List</a> (“QPL”), in the category of Networked Lighting Control (“NLC”) systems.

Hubbell Lighting

Hubbell Control Solutions announced wiSCAPE® has been added to the DesignLights Consortium® (“DLC”) Qualified Products List (“QPL”), in the category of Networked Lighting Control (“NLC”) systems. Projects across the United States and Canada that include wiSCAPE are now eligible for significant rebates with local utilities and energy efficiency programs. In many cases these projects that reference compliant solutions on the DLC QPL qualify for the highest level of rebates available and an increasing number of commercial project RFP’s are mandating the use of QPL products.

The DLC is a non-profit organization designed to accelerate the widespread adoption of high-performing commercial lighting solutions. It tests and promotes high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products in collaboration with utilities and energy efficiency program members, manufacturers, lighting designers, and federal, state, and local entities.

The DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls QPL identifies systems that are eligible for utility rebates and incentives by meeting minimum DLC Technical Requirements. Containing 22 categories of both required and reported system capabilities, the QPL also serves as a product comparison tool for architects, specifiers, engineers, and contractors. Key required capabilities include individual fixture control using a true networked control system, reconfigurable zoning, scheduling, daylight harvesting, and motion sensing.

The wiSCAPE platform of relays, controls, sensors and interfaces, supported by wiSCAPE View Software, is an all-in-one range of products designed to configure, control, monitor and meter all lighting sources and all voltages. wiSCAPE controls allow customers to scale a system without ever having to use a router, configure network components or use a central cabinet. Each wiSCAPE module is a complete logic processor on its own that can control any lighting source without running any wires, installing relay panels or being limited to specific systems, ballasts and drivers. Modules are available for 120-480V light sources, in either 50Hz or 60Hz.

Click HERE for more information on the QPL and HERE for more information on wiSCAPE.