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  • Smarter Safer and Faster Home Wiring Devices from Hubbell

    With the proliferation of lighting and and advanced electronics throughout the home, Hubbell has come out with new wiring devices designed for today’s tech-heavy home lifestyle.

    Hubbell’s new Pop-up Countertop Receptacles, for instance, are the first UL-listed water resistant pop-up receptacles for countertop applications and permanent installations

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  • Hubbell Addresses Seniors, Millennials with New Wiring Devices

    Hubbell is addressing the needs and interests of both disparate sides of the aging curve — both seniors and millennials — with a couple of its newer wiring devices.

    First, on the “seniors” side, Hubbell’s new LED-illuminated nightlight family of products combine the function of wiring devices with the convenience of nightlights.

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  • IDEA’s IDW Data for Contractors Enters Year Three

    The IDEA (Industry Data Exchange Association) Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) is now entering its third year of successful use by contractors worldwide to streamline parts ordering and produce accurate and timely estimates.

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  • Eaton XT Series IEC Motor Controls Ease Installation, Amp Up Usability

    Eaton’s XT IEC Motor and Power Control Series offers faster and easier installation along with increased functionality and improvements in usability for contractors.

    The XT series offers non-reversing and reversing contactors and starters as well as overload relays and accessories.

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  • Bring Flexibility to Power Distribution with Plug-In Busway

    When it comes to local power distribution, conduit is often the go-to option, but it’s certainly not an electrical contractor’s only choice. In many applications, busway can provide a more flexible and easier to install solution to the challenge of distributing power from one point to another – and, with plug-in busway, to many points in between, as well.

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  • Feeder Busway Gets Power Where It’s Needed

    Busway, which houses bar-style aluminum or copper conductors in a grounded metal enclosure, offers a component-based approach to power distribution that assembles quickly using basic tools. Feeder-style busway is especially helpful for longer runs connecting electrical power between different pieces of equipment.

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