EVERLINE® LED Flat Panel Fixture

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.
EVERLINE® LED Flat Panel Fixture
The EVERLINE LED Flat Panel Luminaires are designed for comfort, reliability, controllability, and easy installation.

This fixture provides the visual comfort of diffuse lighting and excellent uniformity along with a modern design appeal. The Flat Panels are also equipped with 0-10V dimming LED drivers, require no special "lamp wiring" for controllability and are not susceptible to short lamp-life effects when controlled by frequent switching.

The Flat Panel is designed for easy installation with an enclosed wiring compartment on the top-mounted driver, grid hooks and auxiliary suspension points.

Other Products by Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

  • EVERLINE Emergency Drivers

    EVERLINE Emergency Drivers

    With the EVERLINE® family of Emergency Drivers from Universal, no additional modules or fixtures are needed to meet emergency lighting requirements. These emergency drivers can be installed inside or on top of a fixture to operate one fixture during a power failure. When normal power fails, the EVERLINE Emergency LED Drivers sense the loss and immediately switch into emergency mode.

  • EVERLINE® LED Vapor Tight

    EVERLINE® LED Vapor Tight

    Universal's EVERLINE® Vapor Tight is ideal for unforgiving lighting environments. These durable LED fixtures have a fiber-glass reinforced housing which protects the light source and electronics from water, vapor and contaminates.

  • Douglas Lighting Controls®  Bluetooth® Fixture Controller & Sensor

    Douglas Lighting Controls® Bluetooth® Fixture Controller & Sensor

    The Douglas Lighting Controls® Bluetooth® Fixture Controller & Sensor (BT-FMS-A) provides automated individual and group control of light fixtures using onboard sensors and Bluetooth technology. The BT-FMS-A installs easily in compatible Universal EVERLINE® Luminaires to immediately provide bi-level occupancy control with no further configuration needed.

  • EVERLINE LED AC Direct (Type B) Tubes

    EVERLINE LED AC Direct (Type B) Tubes

    Universal’s EVERLINE AC Direct (Ballast Bypass) Type B LED Tubes feature a dual ended power connection that eliminates the need to replace lampholders during installation.