230-SLP Series MIGHTY-ALIGN® Steel Slip Connectors

Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.
230-SLP Series MIGHTY-ALIGN® Steel Slip Connectors
Easily connect between mounted enclosures with Bridgeport Mighty-Align Slip Connectors!

Suitable for equipment grounding and bonding. 

The Mighty-Align’s built in sight window ensures proper installation every time. Features zinc plated steel construction and deep-slot, tri-drive screws.  Patented. 

Available in ¾, 1 , 2, 3 and 4 inch trade sizes.  Patented.  cULus Listed.

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    Threadless Split Grounding Bushings

    One bushing for both threadless Rigid/IMC or EMT! Features corrosion resistant zinc alloy construction and stainless steel hardware.  Use to easily upgrade existing industrial, service entrance, communication and solar systems.  Available in 1 inch thru 4 inch trade sizes.  Patented.  cULus Listed

  • 680-UI Series MC-FLEXFIT™

    680-UI Series MC-FLEXFIT™

    2018 NECA Showstopper Winner!

    Adjustable armor stop eliminates the need for separate bushings. Fewer connectors for large cable range.  Easy secure two screw hinge strap. Available in 1 inch thru 3 inch trade sizes.  Patented.  cETLus Listed.

  • Bridgeport's nonmetallic multi-port connectors

    Bridgeport's nonmetallic multi-port connectors

    Cable installation now made easier than ever before.  Contractors simply squeeze the connector’s tabs to install or remove cable.

  • AMC-50QI Quick Install Connectors

    AMC-50QI Quick Install Connectors

    Simply snap the connector onto the cable, squeeze the lever and set into the knockout. No tools required!  Easy removal too. Used to connect 14/2 to 10/3 AC/MC/MCI-A and 3/8” FMC.  cETLus Listed.