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Siemens Industry Inc
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Part #: 1FK70842AC711RH2
Part #: US2:14FUG12AD
Starter,FVNR SZ2,25-100Amp,Open,1ph,208
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  • Siemens Industry, Inc.
    Power Mod™ Modular Metering Products
    Power Mod™ Modular Metering Products

    Product Manager Andrea Inguanti showcases the key features of Siemen's Power Mod™ Modular Metering Products.

  • Siemens Industry, Inc.
     Intelli-Arc™ Diagnostic Tool
    Intelli-Arc™ Diagnostic Tool

    Helps to accurately determine the circuit in which a fault has occurred while also providing information including the type and magnitude of the fault.


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Photovoltaic Safety Switch

  • Introducing Type VBII 600VDC Enclosed Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches
    Introducing Type VBII 600VDC Enclosed Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches

    The first UL Listed line of disconnect switches specifically designed for use with three separate 600VDC circuits. One VBII disconnect performs the function of three competitive switches. These switches are designed for use in negative ground 600VDC max. photovoltaic systems which must comply with Article 690 of the NEC.

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  • Specifying Starters for More Efficient Operation
    Specifying Starters for More Efficient Operation

    Starters and other motor controls are like the individual building blocks that go into a motor control center (MCC). Individually, they can be pretty basic devices, but their size, energy use, and communications capabilities can have a big impact on overall MCC functionality and even facility operations. So, while controls might seem like commodity items, it makes sense to take a little extra time to determine your project’s priorities before placing an order.

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