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MC 4P FP 4M 18/4 PVC N-M
Part #: 104000A05M0402
MC 4P FP 4M 18/4 PVC N-M
MC 3P FR 10IN 16/1  PVC
Part #: 1R3004A20A100
MC 3P FR 10IN 16/1 PVC
Part #: 105102306
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  • Molex Incorporated
    Safety For Wet Location Wiring Devices
    Safety For Wet Location Wiring Devices

    Woodhead® Watertite® Wet-Location Wiring Devices set the standard for the roughest, wettest and most abrasive environments and meet NEMA type 4, 4X, 6, 6P, IP65, IP66, and IP67 standards.

  • Molex Incorporated
    Molex - Woodhead® GFCI Products
    Molex - Woodhead® GFCI Products

    Woodhead® GFCI products are designed to prevent the occurrences of serious injury or death associated with electrical accidents in construction sites and other rugged industrial settings.


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Brad® Micro-Push® for efficiency, affordability

Woodhead® LED Wide-Area Portable Magnet Light for Wet Locations by Molex

Brad® MX-PTL™ M12 Cordsets

Woodhead® Watertite® FD Boxes Offer Rugged and Flexible Service

Easy and Secure Connections for Zone 2 Hazardous Locations

Brad® Connector System With Optimal Signal Performance

Woodhead® Cord Grip Assemblies Simplify Installation

Compact Aero-Motive Balancers Accommodate Tight Workspaces

Reliable and Safe GFCI

  • GWconnect™ Heavy Duty Connectors For Safe, Secure Connections
    GWconnect™ Heavy Duty Connectors For Safe, Secure Connections

    Molex GWconnect™ Heavy-Duty Connectors (HDC) are crafted with optimum materials to serve any environment. Designed with two locking systems to ensure coupling stability and protection against accidental opening. From direct-current connectors for heavy-duty industrial applications, to multi-pole connectors for signal-circuit connectivity, Molex’s HDC product line includes over 6,000 complimentary products.


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  • Molex Incorporated
    2222 Wellington CT
    Lisle, IL 60532

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  • Making Safety a Permanent Part of Temporary-Power Products
    Making Safety a Permanent Part of Temporary-Power Products

    Electrical contractors are used to thinking about ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in permanently installed outlets and panelboards, but temporary-power settings also can require GFCI protection, according to the National Fire Protection Association’s National Electrical Code (NEC). For example, the NEC’s Article 590, which covers temporary power installations, calls for GFCI protection for 15-, 20- and 30-amp, 125V receptacle outlets that aren’t a part of the permanent wiring of a building or structure used by personnel.

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