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Part #: 5558NM
Part #: 54142
MC 6P MFE 20' 90/ST 16/6 PVC
Part #: 116022A01F200
MC 6P MFE 20' 90/ST 16/6 PVC
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  • Molex Incorporated
    Brad® MX-PTL™ M12 Cordsets
    Brad® MX-PTL™ M12 Cordsets

    Delivering increased productivity and cost savings, MX-PTL™ M12 Cordsets surpass the performance and reliability of traditional threaded connectors and facilitate quick connections to I/O blocks.

  • Molex Incorporated
    Safety For Wet Location Wiring Devices
    Safety For Wet Location Wiring Devices

    Woodhead® Watertite® Wet-Location Wiring Devices set the standard for the roughest, wettest and most abrasive environments and meet NEMA type 4, 4X, 6, 6P, IP65, IP66, and IP67 standards.


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  • Industrial USB 3.0 Connectors Provide Superior Performance in Harsh Applications
    Industrial USB 3.0 Connectors Provide Superior Performance in Harsh Applications

    Molex industrial USB 3.0 IP67 sealed connectors are ideal for industrial, harsh commercial applications requiring secure, robust connections. Rugged receptacle designs feature bayonet-style latches, enhanced strain relief features and over-molded cable assemblies which are dust and water proof, offering improved data rates, enhanced power optimization and backward USB 2.0 compatibility.


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  • Molex Incorporated
    2222 Wellington CT
    Lisle, IL 60532

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  • GFCIs an Integrated Approach to Electrical Safety
    GFCIs an Integrated Approach to Electrical Safety

    Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are used in wet and hazardous settings and have proven to be a life-saving technology. A GFCI disconnects a circuit when it detects that the electrical current is not balanced between the energized conductor and the return neutral conductor. An imbalance can indicate current leakage through the body of a grounded person who accidentally contacts the energized part of the circuit. GFCI devices disconnect quickly enough to prevent injury.

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