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QC 2P MP 3' 14/2 SO CORD
Part #: 32019
QC 2P MP 3' 14/2 SO CORD
AG26 SUB ASSY 0900
Part #: H96420105
AG26 SUB ASSY 0900
MC 3P FP 30' 90D 16/3 PVC
Part #: 103001A02F300
MC 3P FP 30' 90D 16/3 PVC
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  • Molex Incorporated
    Watertight Devices
    Watertight Devices

    Global Product Manager, Tony Quebbemann, discusses Woodhead® Molex watertight devices and their various applications.

  • Molex Incorporated
    Molex - Brad® Ultra-Lock® Connectors
    Molex - Brad® Ultra-Lock® Connectors

    The Brad Ultra-Lock Connection System improves on the current M12 design in 3 ways: it is faster, more secure and simpler.


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  • Reliable and Safe GFCI
    Reliable and Safe GFCI

    Woodhead® ground fault circuit interrupter products for commercial and industrial applications are designed for protection, reliability and safety. Woodhead GFCI products include the option of manual or automatic reset, field-serviceable ends and inline, right-angle or outlet boxes. GFCI products are available in several electrical options and are engineered for use in environments with dampness, moisture and dust.

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    Cord Reels & Temp Power

    From shale oil plays in North Dakota to live concerts in Miami or San Diego, the need for portable, temporary power has never been greater. Add in unexpected electric demand to replace downed lines from tornadoes, hurricanes or other natural disasters, and the need for temporary electricity keeps going up.

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