Bridgeport Exposed Location Products

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Bridgeport Exposed Location Products
With innovations like liquid tight transition fittings, single bolt ground clamps and split grounding bushings, contractors save time and effort on every job
Built with an electrician’s point of view, Bridgeport’s exposed locations solutions hold up to moisture, resist sunlight and corrosion, while demonstrating to contractors’ customers they take pride in their work.

Bridgeport Fittings delivers a full line of innovative exposed locations solutions where “tough places demand rugged products.” These UL Listed products include solutions for:
  • Gas pipe grounding
  • GEC and raceway grounding and bonding
  • Below grade grounding protection
  • Liquid tight transition to aluminum EMT
  • PV generator junction boxes
  • Roof-top, liquid tight transition to rigid IMC
  • Jacketed MC cable connection and support
  • Solar system grounding and bonding
  • Outdoor push EMT applications

From exposed locations applications like direct burial and wet location to state-of-the-art solar, contractors can count on Bridgeport not only for unmatched quality, innovation and performance, but also for the time and labor savings achieved on every exposed locations job.

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Bridgeport’s innovative exposed locations solutions are part of the manufacturer’s additions to the “Wall of Orange™” – Bridgeport’s completely stocked selection of quality electrical fittings and innovative product solutions available from major electrical distributorships across the U.S. and Canada.

Other Products by Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.



    Threadless Split Grounding Bushings

    One bushing for both threadless Rigid/IMC or EMT! Features corrosion resistant zinc alloy construction and stainless steel hardware.  Use to easily upgrade existing industrial, service entrance, communication and solar systems.  Available in 1 inch thru 4 inch trade sizes.  Patented.  cULus Listed

  • 680-UI Series MC-FLEXFIT™

    680-UI Series MC-FLEXFIT™

    2018 NECA Showstopper Winner!

    Adjustable armor stop eliminates the need for separate bushings. Fewer connectors for large cable range.  Easy secure two screw hinge strap. Available in 1 inch thru 3 inch trade sizes.  Patented.  cETLus Listed.

  • Push-on Grounding Bushing – 2017 NECA ShopStopper Winner!

    Push-on Grounding Bushing – 2017 NECA ShopStopper Winner!

    380-MB Series Mighty-Bite® Push-EMT™ Push-on Grounding Bushing

  • Bridgeport’s new multi-port transition fittings save time and money

    Bridgeport’s new multi-port transition fittings save time and money

    Bridgeport’s Mighty-Merge® 4357-NM Multi-Port Transition Fittings transition multiple nonmetallic cables into 3/4-inch EMT. Contractors simply squeeze the fittings’ tabs to install or remove the cables. The 4357-NM is perfect for prefabrication of bundles of nonmetallic cable.