EPCO Small Space LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor

EPCO Small Space LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor
Engineered Products Company (EPCO) introduces our “new” Small Space LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor. This Luminaire provides 50% more lumen output, a refined motion sensor, and an easier installation procedure
For new or retrofit installation, this highly desirable and elegant luminaire still retains important benefits and features to the end-user. Key selling points include:
  • High Quality LED Lighting: 1,000 Lumen Output @ 4,000 CCT (higher than many competitors).
  • Improved Passive Infra-Red Sensor (PIR): Suitable for either Ceiling or Wall Mounting.
  • Energy Saving: Annual Operating Cost: $.28 Year - Based on a Total Operating Cost of 60 Minutes per Day, 365 Days a Year @ $.11kWH
  • Applications: Small Rooms, Attics, Basements, Storage Areas, Garages, Mini Storage Facilities and more.
  • Operation: Multi-Switch for Occupancy or “ON” and “OFF” mode.
Note: Contractor Time Saving approximately $25 - $40.00 per installation; no secondary wire run is required for connection to a wall switch.
  • Certifications: ETL Listed to UL 1598 Standards, Energy-Star Rated.
  • Compliance: Meets the majority of lighting upgrades for rebates requirements from Utilities and Co-ops.

The Small Space Luminaire extends our current product line and is intended for applications that require more light output. We will continue to offer this luminaire, the LED Closet luminaire, and the 9-Watt Keyless and Pull Chain Lamp Holder as a family of smaller wattage, hight lumen LED lighting products for the marketplace.

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    Annual operating cost: $.28 cents per/year, 60 minutes per day, 365 days per year @ $.11 KWH.

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