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Arlington Industries, Inc.
Arlington Industries, Inc.
1 Stauffer Industrial Park
Scranton, PA 18517

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4"X9" SLED
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Arlington Industries, Inc.


  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington Liquid-Tight, Concrete-Tight Zinc Fitting
    Arlington Liquid-Tight, Concrete-Tight Zinc Fitting

    Arlington’s liquid-tight, concrete-tight zinc fittings for PVC jacketed MC cable, come with grommets and washers that allow this SINGLE fitting to fit THREE cable sizes: #12, #14, and #10.

  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington Countertop Box Kits
    Arlington Countertop Box Kits

    The stainless steel colored, gasketed TRAPDOOR COVER looks great! It closes flush with the countertop, preventing water intrusion and damage to the devices in the box.


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New DROP IN™ Floor Box Installs Flush and Fast!

Fan/Fixture Pan Box for furring strips, hat channel

Nail-on Flanged Vapor Box for Devices

  • Floor Box, Leveling Ring for New Concrete Floors
    Floor Box, Leveling Ring for New Concrete Floors

    Arlington’s NEW FLBC4502 4.5" non-metallic concrete floor box has SIX conduit hubs and FOUR plugs.
    And the NEW REVERSIBLE FLBC4502LR leveling ring makes installing ANY 6” cover easier than ever on ANY 4.5” CONCRETE BOX. The screw holes on one side have a 3-1/2" hole pattern. On the other side it’s 3-3/8".

Press Releases

  • Countertop Box Kits with Trapdoor Covers, Three Device Options

    Arlington’s Countertop BOX KITS with round plastic boxes and metal TRAPDOOR covers deliver a parallel installation and multiple options for the device in a countertop: an installed UL Listed tamper resistant decorator-style GFCI...a tamper resistant receptacle... OR a TR receptacle with two USB ports!

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