Superstrut™ SuperMag™ Magnetic Fittings

Thomas & Betts Corporation
Superstrut™ SuperMag™ Magnetic Fittings

Superstrut™ SuperMag™ magnetic fittings for Superstrut metal framing, new from Thomas & Betts (T&B), a member of the ABB Group, feature embedded, nickel-plated magnets for easier installation.

The most popular square washers, L-brackets, T-brackets and 90-degree angle brackets in the Superstrut catalog now feature magnets that are designed for dual-sided use. The magnets eliminate the need for the installer to use one hand to hold the fittings and metal framing together while using the other hand to fasten the fittings to the framing with bolts, nuts or rods. By using magnets to hold the fittings in place, installation is easier, more convenient and safer.

SuperMag magnetic fittings enable the contractor to work more efficiently and safely. The embedded magnets act as a temporary third hand while the installer permanently fastens the fittings to the strut.

The magnets are made of a grade N35 neodymium alloy (NdFeB) that enables the fittings to support at least double their own weight. The fittings can be positioned vertically or horizontally. SuperMag magnetic fittings are available with Superstrut SilverGlav® zinc electroplating or Superstrut GoldGalv® zinc electroplating with a trivalent chromium finish.

SuperMag magnetic fittings attach with an audible click to indicate their hold to the framing surface until the permanent fastener is installed.

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