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  • BURNDY® Braid Assemblies


    BURNDY® Braid Assemblies

    BURNDY® Braid Assemblies are used when a standard conductor (code cable or even welding cable) is not flexible enough to serve as a ground conductor or in full power applications. Braid assemblies are referred to by many names from shunts and power shunts to grounding jumpers, busbar connections, flexible leads, bonding straps, cable jumpers and flexible gate jumpers.

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  • Evr-Green® Mini Electric Vehicle Charging Station

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Evr-Green® Mini Electric Vehicle Charging Station

    Leviton's new charging station delivers nearly 5 kW of power and offers a more compact, affordable, easy to use – easy to install solution to electric vehicle charging. The Evr-Green Mini was designed to be the smallest wall-mounted EV charging station available in North America and delivers a maximum of 20 electric vehicle miles per hour.

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  • Revision to the GFCI Standard UL 943

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Revision to the GFCI Standard UL 943

    Leviton Senior Director of Product Management for Residential Products, Bill Grande, discusses the new requirements for UL 943.

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  • SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI

    This self-test GFCI receptacle tests itself periodically to confirm the GFCI is operating properly. If the self-test circuitry detects a failure, the GFCI receptacle provides a visual and/or audio indicator to the user to replace the GFCI.

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  • Humidity Sensor & Fan Control

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Humidity Sensor & Fan Control

    Leviton's Humidity Sensor and Fan Control detects excess humidity in a room and automatically activates the ventilation fan to reduce excess condensation.* This helps to lessen the appearance of mold and mildew and provides a more comfortable environment.

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  • Rhino-Hide® NEMA Wiring Devices

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Rhino-Hide® NEMA Wiring Devices

    Overview of the new Rhino-Hide NEMA Wiring Devices; a ruggedized family of plugs, connectors, and receptacles designed for rough service environments. These are submersible, unaffected by vibration, and have the highest watertight ratings of any device in their class – providing IP68 and IP69K levels of protection.

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  • Introducing Fluke Connect - All the Facts, Right in the Field

    Fluke Corp

    Introducing Fluke Connect - All the Facts, Right in the Field

    Learn how to use the free Fluke Connect™ app and over 20 wirelessly connectable tools to share live video, graph and trend data and record live measurements.

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  • Bolt Star

    Construction Innovations

    Bolt Star

    An innovative, reusable pole base template that securely holds the anchor bolts, rebar cage and conduits in place during the concrete pour. A real game changer when it comes to saving labor.

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