New Product News


BURNDY® Ground Studs and Cover

BURNDY® Ground Studs and Cover.  All-in-one Ball and Socket Design with NEMA Pad.

The BURNDY® GSC series of ground studs; GSC752N30B, GSC752N30B45, and GSC752N30B90, are used to create a personal protective path to ground in the event of a fault.

Mersen’s Electric Vehicle Battery Monitoring Bus Bar

Voltage and temperature management of on-board batteries are of utmost importance for the safe operation of an electric vehicle. Electric vehicle battery monitoring laminated bus bars from Mersen incorporate power and monitoring signals into a single compact and reliable platform, improving the safe operation of onboard batteries.

C3 Auto Whip™ Clad Cable Cutter

The first truly automated solution for measuring, notching and cutting clad cable. Once the operator enters the parameters for whip requirements during initial setup, the machine does the rest. Stores information on up to 48 different cables and 96 whip configurations. The C3 Auto Whip™ is faster than manual operation offering lights out capability, intuitive operation, and improved safety.

IDEAL Introduces a Limited Edition Electrician's Champion Toolkit

The most essential tools for the professional electrician.

Kit contents include:

  • Linesman Pliers
  • Combo Head™ Screwdriver
  • T®-Stripper Wire Stripper

Mersen's Groundbreaking DC Overcurrent Protection Solutions

Mersen is pleased to announce the expansion of its portfolio of electrical protection components with the release of a groundbreaking series of DC Overcurrent Protection Solutions specifically designed to safely clear both high and low DC fault currents for today’s demanding DC systems in EV/HEV and Electrical Energy Storage applications.

ABB SENTRICITY™ Load Centers and Circuit Breakers

SENTRICITY™ Load Centers and Circuit Breakers offer industrial-quality circuit protection for residential use by including energy-limiting technology that interrupts the circuit up to three times faster than conventional circuit breakers.

The SENTRICITY family of products is named for its ability to act as a 24-hour sentry for the homeowner’s electrical circuits.