Introducing the New 2” Inline Gator® Cable Cutter

Greenlee Textron
Introducing the New 2” Inline Gator® Cable Cutter
The ESC50LX is the newest addition to Greenlee’s Gator tool family, which encompasses hydraulic battery powered cable cutters, crimpers, and knockout drivers. The cutter is powered by the 18V Lithium-Ion 4.0 AH Makita® Battery platform. The body of the tool includes a molded tacky grip, designed with a smaller diameter, making the tool easier and more comfortable to use. The ESC50LX features a 350-degree rotating head to cut at any angle and programmable double-click blade activation safety option to prevent the jaws from unintentional cutting. The tool provides excellent durability with its enclosed housing and coated circuit boards protect against water and dirt.

Greenlee’s Gator tools include smart features. The OLED Display real-time communication and tool maintenance status. In addition, the Bluetooth® feature is enabled via the Gator Eye® application so the operator can obtain real-time tool performance feedback on a smart device.

Other Products by Greenlee Textron

  • New Interchangeable Cutting Jaws for the EK628 and EK425 6-Ton Gator® Tools

    New Interchangeable Cutting Jaws for the EK628 and EK425 6-Ton Gator® Tools

    Greenlee® is increasing the versatility of the EK628/EK425 Gator tool models by adding two new cutting jaws to the line. Both sets of jaws are compatible with the “X” and “L” Series Gator tool line.

  • Greenlee® Professional Tool Backpack

    Greenlee® Professional Tool Backpack

    The Professional Tool Backpack (0158-26) is part of the innovative Next Generation tool bag line, which are engineered to reduce strain on the user and withstand wear and tear. In addition, the back pack allows for customization with a personalized name patch.

  • C3 Auto Whip™ Clad Cable Cutter

    C3 Auto Whip™ Clad Cable Cutter

    The first truly automated solution for measuring, notching and cutting clad cable. Once the operator enters the parameters for whip requirements during initial setup, the machine does the rest. Stores information on up to 48 different cables and 96 whip configurations. The C3 Auto Whip™ is faster than manual operation offering lights out capability, intuitive operation, and improved safety.

  • Next Generation Tool Bags

    Next Generation Tool Bags

    Move faster with lighter, ergonomic bags that help organize for efficiency. Protect your most valuable tools with confidence and personalize the tech backpacks for uniqueness with embroidered name plates. All bags are constructed from a poly and nylon Ripstop fabric, which contains any tear that should ensue, maintaining the durability and utilization of the bag.