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374 Merrimac Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

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Part #: GGA-V3/10
250V 3/10A 5 X 20 mm FUSE
Part #: MPDB66052
Part #: K221292
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  • Mersen
    Mersen Minute: HP15FHM32 Series PV Fuse Holders
    Mersen Minute: HP15FHM32 Series PV Fuse Holders

    Mersen’s 1500 VDC HelioProtection fuse holders for 10/14x85mm gPV fuses introduce the next level of safety for Utility scale photovoltaic applications. The HP15FHM32 fuse holders are finger safe (IP20 ingress protection rated) and feature a rotating fuse carrier.

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    Mersen Minute: High Speed DC Fuses for Battery Related Applications
    Mersen Minute: High Speed DC Fuses for Battery Related Applications

    Mersen DC fuses provide the ultimate protection of the battery modules and battery packs, offering reliable clearing of DC fault currents. They have been specifically engineered and tested to provide DC applications best-in-class performance.


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  • Mersen Rochester is ITAR Registered
    Mersen Rochester is ITAR Registered

    The Mersen Rochester, NY plant is now the main primary contact location to serve ITAR & EAR controlled projects for both bus bars and cooling solutions for Mersen North America. All documentation control will go through the Mersen Rochester, NY ITAR registration site. The details of the application, defense system, and customer specifications will stay within Rochester facility.

Press Releases

  • New Training Module on Mersen Knowledge Center: "Photovoltaic Fuses in Solar Applications"

    JULY 2019 – Newburyport, MA – Mersen Knowledge Center – Electrical Power is Mersen Electrical Power North America’s official online self-registering E-learning portal for electrical distributors, engineers, and end users. Our newest training module, “Application Basics: Photovoltaic Fuses in Solar Applications- M307E," will help you learn about the main components of a typical photovoltaic installation, understand the different segmentations of solar market, and identify Mersen fuses and fuses holders designed for use in photovoltaic installations.

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