Mersen’s New UL Low Voltage Switch Brochure

Mersen’s New UL Low Voltage Switch Brochure
You need a range of disconnect switches for your industrial control requirements ranging from “Service Entrance Rated” to motor isolation. You need DIN-rail and direct mountable disconnect switches that conform to UL 508 and UL 98. You need a range of handles, shafts and accessories to select from.

Mersen Electrical Power has the broadest range of switches in the industry, with a full line of accessories to accommodate virtually any application. Mersen disconnect switches are extremely durable and versatile. Designed to make and break power circuits on load, Mersen’s line of switches all utilize innovative knife blade technology. The self-cleaning knife blade contacts create a more reliable contact than conventional push contacts offered in competitor’s products.  Contacts are pushed together under normal load and during fault conditions, whereas competing products’ contacts are pushed apart creating arcing, damage and sacrificing future reliability.

Other Products by Mersen

  • Mersen’s Bulk Pack PV Fuses

    Mersen’s Bulk Pack PV Fuses

    Mersen is pleased to announce the availability of our most popular HP10M, HP15M, and HP15G series HelioProtection® 10mm Photovoltaic Fuses in bulk packaging. The new bulk packaging is designed with the customer in mind – by increasing the product count per pack and reducing unpacking time, it will dramatically decrease the volume production set-up time and cost.

  • Mersen’s Surge Trap STMT Series

    Mersen’s Surge Trap STMT Series

    Mersen’s Surge Trap STMT Series features low voltage surge protective devices suitable for both AC and DC voltage applications. Ideal for the protection of controls, power supplies, communication systems, and other sensitive equipment. UL 1449 4th Edition approved. Slim design, DIN-rail mount. Optional dry contact feature for remote monitoring.

  • Mersen Knowledge Center – Electrical Power

    Mersen Knowledge Center – Electrical Power

    Mersen Knowledge Center – Electrical Power is Mersen North America’s new official online free E-learning portal for electrical distributors, engineers, and end users. Visitors to the portal will find a broad library of 22 different training modules related to basics of electricity, fuses, and surge protection products and an overview of how these products are applied in various applications.

  • Mersen's Electrical Power Catalog

    Mersen's Electrical Power Catalog

    Mersen’s new 340-page catalog presents a wealth of electrical protection product information in an easy-to-read format. Includes an overview of Mersen Electrical Power that showcases all global product lines. In addition, the “Focus Products” section details the right Mersen products for the Industrial, Buildings/ Construction, Solar, and Electric Vehicles markets.